December Sleep-n-Sweet Discount

During the month of December only, you'll receive a 30% room discount and served a breakfast sweet instead of a full course breakfast, when you stay 2 nights.  As a bonus for staying the 2 nights, you will also recieve a 10% discount off your 2 night stay for June/July!!!  For those that can only stay the 1 night in December, you will recieve 25% off  your room enjoying the breakfast sweet and also you will recieve the 10% coupon for June/July 2 night stay!!!  


Carol's Corner


You may see some snowflakes, but that does not stop us in Amish Country Ohio from enjoying all that the beautiful area has to offer!!!  Our roads are kept very well thanx to the local townships, villages and of course ODOT.  Remember the Amish are in buggies being...


Well, it's finally here. This new web site that I can actually work on. For someone like me 50+ (lets be's 60+) this computer stuff drives me crazy. But enough of that, lets talk. Here is some background info on Doug, I and our family.