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Breakfast at the Garden Gate Get-A-Way

 Effective June 01,2021 thru August 31,2021, we will not be serving breakfast, however, all room prices have been updated to reflect this change.  This is something that cannot be helped and we apologize and hope that our wonderful guests will understand.      Doug and I always enjoy a great breakfast (although Doug would be happy to eat his at noon) and we feel that is part of the Bed and Breakfast experience.  Lets face it....who doesn't love food.  The tastes, the variety that we have available to us, it's like going on a new journey everyday!  We decided a long time ago that when we have our Bed & Breakfast we did not just want to have "breakfast"  we wanted to give a "breakfast experience."   We hope that we have lived up to that statement and by the reviews and remarks in our journels, our guests do seem to agree.
Breakfast here is three courses: a fruit dish, usually a savory and a sweet.  You may never of had it before, but that is part of this experience.  We are not trained chefs...but the reviews (for the most part) say something else.  We are willing to experiment and try different recipes. 
In the winter months I like to have fruit cobbler, sometimes it's baked apple or perhaps a warm fruited muffin to start.  In the summer, we may serve strawberry soup which is served cold or a variety of fresh fruits depending on the season.  I was thrilled to get red raspberries this year out of our little berry patch. This could be followed by hot fruited baked oatmeal (this is not what your Momma used to make!) and a variety of egg dishes.  Did you know that eggs are one of the most versatile foods that God has given us?  You can fry, saute, bake, hard boil, soft boil, poach, roast, coddle and they are full of great protein.  We also serve a side of meat. We are in the middle of Amish country which means we do have fresh, grass fed meats to choose from.  We use a lot of Doughty Farms meats that is on the road to Charm and everyone raves about their Amish smoked sausage! When we go over to Winesburgs meats they make a variety of their own smoked meats and I enjoy their Kielbassa and so do our guests.  We wind up the breakfast with more of a sweeter dish.  Have you had Bavarian cream pancakes or a strawberry stuffed French toast?  If not, when you come to the Garden Gate, I will be more than happy to fix it for you!
Breakfast is not the only food that we serve. Snacks can be very important too.  You can find cookies on the beautiful etched cookie plate that we like to change up or perhaps Zucchini bread in the summer makes a great little something to nibble on.  Once in a while (especially in the fall) I like to put out an apple cinnamon coffee cake, it is really nice and moist and usually gone.  Since Doug tried out my flourless peanut butter cookie recipe, he has made it several times and keeps adding different things to it like chocolate or butterscotch chips...mmmm delish.  We didn't get this age and this fluffy by not trying new recipes.
People are always asking if we share recipes.  I am thrilled when that happens as that means that they must have enjoyed the food and yes we do share.  What would be the reason to keep the recipe a secret as when someone makes it at home, they will be thinking back to the happy memory and the friends they made at the Garden Gate.  So I think what I would like to do is share a couple of recipes each month, and perhaps when you try them you can post and let us know how they turned out.
1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 1/2 Cup sugar
2 Tablespoons extra sugar for the top
1 egg                                                
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
Oven: 350
Dump and mix all your ingredients together in a bowl big enough to mix in.  I don't use a mixer, just a wooden spoon.  It should be the consistency of a very thick wet sand.  Roll into 1" balls, place on ungreased cookie pan.  Take a fork dipped in the extra sugar and make the traditional marks on the top of the balls, this will help flatten them and put a sweet crunch on the top of your cookie.  Put into oven, approximately 12 minutes (of course all of this depends on your oven.)  I do check mine half way and actually turn the pan oven does not heat evenly.  Let them cool on a rack when done.  I do think they taste like the old fashioned bake sale cookies.  Do remember:  they may not have flour, but they do have a lot of sugar....just sayen.
9 X 13 greased cake pan                                                         
1 white (yellow is OK too) boxed cake mix
3 Cup berries  (I like blueberries, but whatever you like)                  

1/2 Cup melted butter

Oven: 350
Put the berries in the cake pan and cover the berries with the dried cake mix. Drizzle the butter over the dried cake mix and bake for approximately 25 min. I do turn mine around half way thru baking time to evenly brown the top. Let cool just a bit to give the cobble time to set before you cut it.  This is easy.